It may be a sticker, but it has A LOT to say!

What if we were all one big decision away from the rest of our lives.
What if that decision laid within our voices.
What if our voices helped bring hope to others that they have the strength to keep going.
Speaking from first-hand experience, I can tell you that all of those ‘what if’s’ are significantly true. By speaking my truth, I united with so many people who were at the battlefields with addiction.
Together, we not only have found hope for the ones we love suffering from this beast of addiction. But we've also found hope and freedom from the chains that were placed upon us.
Our relationship impacts our loved one's substance abuse, just as their substance abuse impacts our relationship. Think about that one for a minute, and then read it again. Family Recovery isn’t meant to be walked alone, help us #lovelouderthanaddiction

Love Louder Than Addiction

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