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We are the Rebels, we are world wide and we are stronger than todays society even knows how to give us credit for. Why? It’s no fault to their own, it’s because todays society never heres how the ones who love an addict are impacted and strengthened from the internal fight. Being a Rebel is hard. Being a Rebel means to let go of shame and changing your perspective. Being a Rebel means that you are no longer the victim. You choose to use your voice and turn the hurt and pain into power to help yourself and others going through the process of loving an addict. 

But with carrying the title of, Rebel, it can be hard to express, because we are constantly trying to protect the ones we love the most, who are violently grasped in the claws of addiction. So speaking openly about your battles as a Rebel can be, well, not fun!

This is where, Hello My Name Is, Rebel comes into play. You deserve to be heard and feel the love from a community of people who understand each step and are currently go through it. Even if that means staying anonymous. Being anonymous is the sweet spot for many people and sharing your path anonymously still give you and others a place of connection, healing and understanding. 

We want you to feel all the love Rebel’s have to give, so let’s start loving. Grab any piece of paper you see laying around you right now, grab and pen, pencil, sharpie or even crayon. Start your own journey of healing with pen to paper. Become vulnerable in your own space, take your time and truly connect with where you stand as an individual loving someone battling addiction. Let it out, the good, bad, ugly, and TRUMPH. Cry and feel moved by your journey, because it has formed you to who you are today. With all that dark you carry you also have a shining light, the light of knowledge to give others who really need it. 

Whatever happens on that paper, whether it has tears shed on it, it was torn up and taped back together, it has pictures drawn on it, whether it was crumpled up and laid back flat, that is YOU! Your journey matters! If you feel compelled to share this moment with others, send it to us. We, here at Rebel For A Change will scan in the original piece, post it anonymously and use it as a connection and healing piece for other Rebel’s to relate and unite through their particular path. Causing a viral and world wide heart beat via ‘Hello my name is, Rebel.’ through Rebel For A Change.

We are strength in numbers. We will make a change. Our voices are too loud to do otherwise.

Send your story to P.O. Box 681645, Franklin, TN 37068

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