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Rebel for a Change

 Who are we?


Founded in 2018, we are a nonprofit support system for individuals whose loved ones are battling addiction. We help these Rebels find their voice, find their sense of peace, and take back their happiness. To learn more about our story, please click below.








How does Rebel for a Change provide support?

When someone wishes to become involved, we initially provide support via an online community. We connect Rebels with a “Champion” through our website. The Champion becomes someone that the Rebel can talk with, reach out to, or otherwise lean on for support as they sort through their journey.


How do you find the Champions?

Champions apply to be part of our program. The Champions on our site are thoroughly vetted prior to being connected with a Rebel. They are people who understand the struggles of having a loved one in active addiction and/or supporting them towards recovery and are willing to help other Rebels shoulder the load.


Can they ever meet face to face?

It is up to the Champion to facilitate a face-to-face meeting. They are given the ability to host a “Love Club”, which is our version of a group meeting. These can take place in boxing gyms, coffee shops, and anywhere in between.


What is the goal of Rebel for a Change?

Our main focus will always be to help and connect those walking alongside a loved one battling addiction to find their joy through a loving, supportive, and safe community. Additionally, we strive to remove the stigma surrounding addiction. No one should be silenced in this journey. This is a worldwide program to connect our community through story, wisdom and support.


How can people get involved?

There are multiple ways to get involved with Rebel for a Change!

  •  Rebels who walk alongside their loved one battling an addiction and are in need of a supportive community can apply in early 2020, through our website to be connected to a Champion.

  •  If you are a Rebel who understands the struggle, but has come out on the other side and now you wish to provide support to others, you can apply to become a Champion here .

  •  If you support the mission and wish to help us reach more Rebels, keep the conversation moving through our social media platforms: Instagram , Facebook

  • Share your story with us by reaching out to Jenny, our heart connector, at .

  •  You can purchase our Rebel merchandise where 100% of proceeds support our mission and help lift the Rebel Champion Program .

  •  Wish to donate? Click here.

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