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Rebel For A Change is uniting a community through

the story of loving someone battling addiction.

We support breaking the silence with the power of

voice + love + community.

Rebel for a Change has seen people find strength as they courageously share their stories of loving someone battling addiction within our community.


As momentum continues to build and new Rebel's step forward, it is time to do more. Addiction doesn’t stop because we are silent. Let’s give the world a chance to hear our voices; from the people who love the ones struggling from substance abuse. 


By sharing our truth, we are offering the gift of hope, compassion, grace, and extending the opportunity for others to heal alongside us.


Click below to read and listen to some of our brave Rebel's.


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After her brother was diagnosed with the disease of addiction, Sam Fowler and her family had to change the way they lived their lives. In her talk, she tells about her experiences suffering from “the family disease."


Hello, my name is    Michaela       Lewis

"This battle was not easy.

It is still hard to choose to look at the good and not harbor on the bad. But I am proud of my dad and happy he is pain-free and addiction free.

I am happy to have gained family and a community along the way. Community is what it is all about."

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